Caring adults make the difference. Become EveryDay Strong. 

We're on a mission to build resilient kids and strong communities through our program EveryDay Strong.

There's one main thing that a kid needs to thrive: the presence of just one caring adult in their life.

EveryDay Strong is a program that equips caring adults with training and tools to support the mental health and wellness of children aged 8 to 18. The program promotes a simple, research-based framework that any caring adult can use to help build a sense of safety, connection and confidence in young people. 

Your simple actions today can change a kid's life forever. Read through our resources and reach out to our team to start your journey today!


As a parent, grandparent, teacher, friend or neighbor, you can support everyday resilience by building safety, connection and confidence in the children around you.


It is easy to believe that most children are safe. But even if a child may be safe, they may not feel safe. They may be afraid of getting in trouble or letting a loved one down.

A child who feels safe knows that they can tell the adults in their life the truth, and that they will always be loved, no matter what.


Connection is more than just being in the same space as your child. Connection is doing activities that the child enjoys, even if you don't always enjoy that activity.

Connection is when a child feels their parent, teacher or friend really understands them.


After a child begins to feel safe and connected with those around them, they can start working on becoming confident in their abilities and develop pride in their work.

Keep in mind: it's more important to praise a child for the accomplishments they care about, not just the ones that look impressive from the outside.

If you know someone who needs additional resources, you can dial 2-1-1 at any time from any phone and talk directly to one of our community resource specialists. They can help connect you with free or low-cost counseling services, support groups, or crisis services.